How to flash/boot ORIN NX image to/from microSDcard or SDcard on JetSon ORIN kit

Dear supporter,

I found some guilde to emulate NX on ORIN kit
but I’m finding guildeline to flash and boot the kit to emulate NX from external storage like microSD card, or at least SD card, NOT from EMMC storage
are they supported on ORIN kit(P3701-0000, P3737-0000)?
if yes, could you give me the guildline?!
Thank you,

The description is just to use AGX Orin devkit to emulate the performance as Orin NX.
There are no SD card slot on Orin and Orin NX modules, thus there is no SD card image for them.


Dear Kay,

Thank you for your reply!
How about the SSD slot, do we have image and method to boot from SSD(NVMe)?

Please check the developer guide

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Thanks Wayne!
Let me try it

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