Writing SD Card image to SSD instead?

Can I write the SD Card image to an SSD instead, and boot straight from that? This is an approach that works on Raspberry Pi, no SD Card is ever needed (except to update the boot firmware on older devices).

There is an old video showing how to boot Xavier NX from SSD, but it goes through a lot of extra steps. I’d hope by now a brand-new Orin Nano could do this out of the box.

If not, can I use SDK Manager to write a bootable SSD?

The answer to this seems to be “no.”

Does your module have a sdcard slot on it?

Jetson Orin nano module has 2 kinds. One has sdcard slot while another one need to use nvme.

Orin Nano Dev Kit I just got today. I have an SD Card slot, and two M.2 Key M connectors.

If there is a sdcard slot on your kit, then it is a sdcard module, you can use sdcard image.

Also, no matter what kind of module, if it is on NV devkit, then it could be flashed by sdkmanager too.

But can I burn the SD Card image to an NVMe drive, then insert that into an M.2 slot on the Nano dev kit, and boot from that, all without using an SD Cards? That didn’t work for me when I tried.

And I just made another post about SDK Manager failing to flash my Nano, not sure how to proceed from that one.

No, to flash the nvme, need to use sdkmanager.
Or other tools (which is more complicated than sdkm) to make a nvme boot drive.

Let me check your another post.

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