Jetson orin Nano boot from NVMe SSD

What is the process in Jetson Orin Nano to boot directly from an NVMe SSD

Use SDKM from a (non VM) Ubuntu 20 PC for flashing the Orin Nano.
Just before flashing, it will prompt for user name/passwd and Storage Device. Select NVME instead of default eMMC.

Thanks - unfortunately my Ubuntu OS is on a VM! Is there a work around?

I cannot advise… Probably you would have to tweak the USB buffers of the VM.
It may work around, but you would have to investigate for this.
Someone with better experience of flashing from a VM may better advise.

Thanks again - for the time being I have moved my root folder to the SSD and that has itself made a big diff

Hi dgupta2ext,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin Nano?

We don’t suggest to use VM for Ubuntu to flash the board. It may cause some connection issues during flash (there’re several reboots during flash).

Please get a standalone Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 to flash the board.
For SDKM, you could refer to the following instruction.
Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

For flash script, you could refer to the following instruction.
Quick Start — To Flash the Jetson Developer Kit Operating Software

Hi KevinFFF

Thank you. I will take up on your advice and flash the SSD using a standalone Ubuntu PC. In the meanwhile i have transferred the root folder to the SSD and using the SDMM to boot up - it has had a marked improvement in performance

Thanks Again!

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