Orin Nano dev kit flash nvme ssd

Hello, we recently got the new jetson orin nano dev kit, and have successfully flashed a micro sd card and booted from that. However, this isn’t what we want since it is so slow, we want to flash the nvme ssd that we have installed in the dev kit. how can we do this WITHOUT a host ubuntu 20.04 pc? is there an easy way to use an nvme ssd instead of a micro sd card? Can the nano flash the ssd itself now that we have the micro sd card working? thanks!

Unfortunately, you can’t.

For flashing SD card, you can use tools like Etcher, which is available on all three major OSes,
but for flashing NVMe SSD or eMMC, you’d need to use tools provided by NVIDIA, which is only available on Ubuntu Linux.
Also, remember to use a real host PC, and avoid flashing devices on a virtual machine.

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so basically sdkmanager from a host pc is the only way? we tried this briefly and it didn’t seem like Jetson Orin Nano was one of the options in sdkmanager, has support for this dev kit been added to sdkmanager yet?

You can either use the shell script provided in our BSP, or SDK Manager, they just differ in UI (CLI vs GUI).

Did you correctly setup your device to enter force recovery mode? If so, you will see the following line in terminal after running lsusb

Bus <bbb> Device <ddd>: ID 0955:7523 Nvidia Corp.

You’d need to get a jumper and shorten the FC REC pin and the GND pin before connecting the power jack.

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Okay, sounds good. I think we will try to use the shell script since the Orin Nano didn’t show up as an option in sdkmanager. (We didn’t force recovery mode as you say, but shouldn’t it have at least shown up as a possible target in sdkmanager? Because it showed the Tx2, Xavier, Orin AGX, etc. just not the Orin Nano)

You’d still need to enter force recovery mode before flashing devices with shell scripts.
Do you use the latest version of SDK Manager?

Even though I do not have an Orin Nano connected to my PC, the option should show up like this:

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Okay, thank you for all this information! We will try again on Wednesday, we’ll try sdkmanager again and if we can’t get it to work for some reason then we’ll try the shell script that you mentioned. We must have missed the Orin Nano option because we were looking for something that said “dev kit” and didn’t realize the correct option didn’t have dev kit in the name.

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we got the SSD flashed with sdkmanager today, thanks for your help!

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