Orin can not convert dtsi to cfg

Hi :
I used Orin_Jetson_Series_Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm genect three dtsi files:
copy the three dtsi files to Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux/t19x folder
ython pinmux-dts2cfg.py --pinmux addr_info.txt gpio_addr_info.txt por_val.txt Orin-jetson_agx_orin-pinmux.dtsi Orin-jetson_agx_orin-gpio-default.dtsi 1.0> tegra19x-mb1-pinmux-p2888-0000-a04-p2822-0000-b01.cfg
and have some errors:

can you help me to solve this err?
Thanks & Best Regards

Let us check.


Please use the dtsi file to dts directly. No need to convert it to cfg.

hi WayneWWW:

On agx xavier:
I used 《Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm》generate three dtsi files:
and in Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux/t19x folder exec
python pinmux-dts2cfg.py --pinmux addr_info.txt gpio_addr_info.txt por_val.txt tegra19x-jetson_agx_xavier-pinmux.dtsi tegra19x-jetson_agx_xavier-gpio-default.dtsi 1.0> tegra19x-mb1-pinmux-p2888-0000-a04-p2822-0000-b01.cfg

then copy the cfg file to /bootloader/t186ref/BCT/
and sudo ./flash.sh -r jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1
I think it’s similar with orin;

you say no need to convert it to cfg,but how can i use the dtsi files?
and change the default cfg in boot stage(uefi)


Are you asking your question regarding “Orin” or “Xavier”? These two are different SoC case.

For “Orin”, no need to convert the cfg. For “Xavier”, still need.

hello dear WayneWWW:
I means Orin;
can you tell the steps to use the dtsi files? in Linux_for_Tegra or the kernel source?


There should be some dtsi files under BCT folder of your Linux_for_Tegra. Could you share what did you see on your side?

Hi dear WayneWWW:
the below two picture is the whole files:

HI @enlaihe ,

Just want to ask. What is the exact platform you are using here? Is it Orin or AGX Xavier?

Also, have you ever flashed this board? If you did, what is the command you used to flash the board?

Hi dear WayneWWW:
the exact platform is Orin.
But now i don’t have a Orin devkit ,but will come soon!
so I have never flashed the Orin board.what I say is based on the experience of xavier;
We will design product with orin,now i am checking the IO reference our design and modify the 《Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm》files and get the default config.


Current jetpack5.0 EA does not support Orin yet. That is why the files are not there.

Hi dear WayneWWW:
if the orin devkit is ready for me,how can i flash the devkit ?
like ./flash.sh -r jetson-orin mmcblk0p1 ??? or other way?


Jetpack5.0 DP will be released soon and it will support Orin.

Hi dear WayneWWW:

My host system is Ubuntu20.04 ,Can Jetpack 5.0 DP support Orin and Xavier on Ubuntu20.04?

Yes, the JetPack 5.0 DP vesion has been released, please move to this new version.
If met any issue, please help to open a new topic.
Topic closed. Thanks