Connecting hardware devices to jetson xavier agx throughout usb hub

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I am planning to connect 4 devices to Jetson Xavier agx ( 2 USB cameras, keyboard, and mouse ) and Iam looking is it possible to connect all of them through a USB hub. What is the best-recommended USB hub that i should purchase for my project?



What is the date rate of your 2 USB cam?


30 fps for each camera is there recommended USB hub that can work with my project

What resolution?

Btw, a HUB does not offer more bandwidth, it only offers more plug-ins for USB. If the combined data of all devices is less than what the root HUB can support, then probably it will work (not a guarantee because sometimes there are timing issues, e.g., a device in “isochronous” mode pre-reserves continuous bandwidth, and two might fail, whereas the same two in bulk mode might work with occasional dropped frames).

Also, any HUB you use which has its own power is far likelier to work well compared to a HUB drawing power from the Jetson itself.

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