Synchronizing E-con Systems FSCAM_CU135 - 4K USB cameras on Jetson Xavier

I am interested in using the Jetson Xavier Developer Kit to run 4 synchronized 4K USB cameras from E-con Systems:

I’m very new to this so I am concerned about how I should be connecting the cameras to the Xavier board without running into bandwidth or time delay issues. I believe these cameras can connect to either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports while their pin-out configuration is for USB 3.0 type C. I was thinking of using the 2 USB-C ports on the developer kit and getting a PCIe to USB-C card for the other two ports.

My second and larger concern is that I am not using a kit so I don’t know how involved the software side of this setup is going to be. I assume my starting point would be the SDK Demo application the comes with the cameras, but it seems I’m looking at making my own driver which is not the most ideal option.

As a side note the only reason I’m opting for USB cameras over MIPI Xavier kits already out there is because I need cable lengths that are around 1 meter long. I recently found out micro-coax cables can’t support synchronized data transfer at those lengths.

That’s a lot of bandwidth. I would opt for a PCIe to USB3 card with a dedicated host controller per port. With UVC, a camera will typically request most or all of the bandwidth per controller, so you might have issues if you connect more than one camera per controller.

I’ve had success with multiple usb cams into these0 StarTech cards (on linux), although I haven’t tried them with the Xavier.