Can Jetson TX1 act as a GPU for an external processor?

I am wondering if I do not use the ARM cores, can I control the GPU through PCIe with another processor? The PCIe device on the TX1 module would need to have non-transparent bridging capabilities I would imagine. Please let me know if anyone has done this the Jetson TX1 module. Thanks

Hello DMFW, I am trying to understand this use case, why would you not use a PCI video card from NVIDIA instead of a TX1? Our Maxwell cards are essentially the same GPU, even a low-end Quadro K620 would effecively match or exceed most if not all of the GPU specifications of the TX1.

This is a question from a potential customer of my company. We build mostly Defense application systems, so I am not always given the full story on what they are trying to do. However I can tell you a PCI video card is usually not rugged enough for defense applications and wont survive the shock and vibe tests. We believe the Jetson TX1 will be able to handle some of these conditions when properly mounted on our carrier card. Do you know if the PCIe device on the Jetson TX1 has non-transparent bridging capabilities?

When researching carrier boards for the TX1, I stumbled upon this product:

Maybe this is better suited than the TX1?

Hey DMFW - I’m with Connect Tech, we are an official NVIDIA partner for TX1 solutions. Specifically TX1 carrier boards (COTS and full custom), as well as rugged GPU solutions. Let me know if I can help you with something…

I can confirm that getting in contact with an MXM module provider such as Connect Tech above would be the best course of action.

TXI PCIE port support host mode only, It need an external non-transparent PCIe switch to interactive with other PCIE port.