Uses for Jetson TX1 PCI Express? Another GPU?


What can I use the PCI Express slot for on my Jetson TX1? Can I add a Geforce GTX 750 Ti?

What do you use it for?

All the best, ultrak

It’s just a standard PCIe x4 slot. Anything compliant with that, and working with x1, x2 or x4 will be fine in the slot. The question of whether it has drivers and support software would be a separate question. I’ve only used networking cards in the slot (plenty of people have added USB3 cards and video capture cards there), perhaps a desktop video card would work, but I don’t know if the video driver for the integrated graphics would work for a desktop card (the driver for the integrated graphics directly accesses the memory controller, a PCIe card would use PCIe mechanisms…I have no idea of compatibility…it would be interesting to find out).