Jetson Graphics Card Compatible?

I was wondering if the Jetson board has a spot for a graphics card to be added. If so, any recommendations of cards?

It has a half-length mini-PCIe x1 slot. If you find a video card that fits here it should work; don’t know which model would work here, but nVidia is recommended :P

FYI, full-length would work, but it would stick out over the edge of Jetson, and securing it in place would require care.

Theres always an option to use an eGPU (External GPU) as described here.

And heres a website that sells adapters or something.

But… Why would you want to add a graphics card to it?
The GPU portion of the Tegra K1 chip has 192 Cuda cores, so core wise, its somewhere between a GTX 630 and GTX 640. (630 has 96 cores, and a 640 has up to 344)

But of course theres more to a gpu than just cores, so. check the specs, compare it to other stuff.