TK1 programmer and schematic of the circuit


Does the board include any hardware for being programmed? Is it a USB connection? Or I have to order a programmer too?
Is the schematic provoded? I didn’t find anything in the website.
And another queation, I saw the list of componenets, I saw there is a GPU and one ARM based proceaaor, are they presented as an integrated chip? Are they in just one chip? Or there are two different chips on the board?



1 & 2)
you have an expansion port* to interconnect with others devices so any hardwares as Raspberry Pi, pic, … can be programmed with Jetson but you should to have a good skill in eletronic :

*DP/LVDS, Touch SPI 1x4 + 1x1 CSI-2, 7 GPIOs, UART, HSIC, i2c, microUSB (Supports Recovery Mode), … please, read the Technical Reference Manual !.

No, i don’t think (you have UART, i2c, USB 2, …), in more with Jetson you can to program 192 cores in CUDA !.

Did you have try to find here :

5, 6 & 7)
CPU and GPU are 1 SOC integrated so 1 chip only !.