Jetson TK1 as GPU server

Dear Sir

how can i make jetson tk1 to work as CUDA/GPU server for computation only, where i want to run my program from PC (windows 8.1, I7 75550) and send the computation to jetson, after finish the result of computation will be sent back to PC?


A desktop PC video card has a far faster GPU than a Jetson. The place to use a Jetson is if you need a fast GPU which runs on low battery or light physical weight…they are very power efficient and weight efficient versus what they can do. Sitting next to your desktop it doesn’t make much sense compared to in a drone or remote location where efficiency is required.

If you still want to use the Jetson, then probably you need remote desktop sharing software…which runs over ethernet. There are a number of ways to talk to a Jetson (it’s a full Linux computer), e.g., ssh, scp, VPN, so on. The “best” way depends on circumstances and how it would be used. Keep in mind that a TK1 is 32-bit, so the most recent version of CUDA it supports is version 6.5 (it won’t be getting updates).