HMDI Input Adapter for the Jetson Xavier NX

Hi, I’m interested in using the Jetson Xavier NX to encode a video stream at 1080p60. The video input will be HDMI. I understand I need an HDMI-to-CSI adapter for this. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find an HDMI-to-CSI adapter that’ll do 1080p60. I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a solution?

I did find this HDMI-to-USB input adapter from Avermedia, but I’m not sure if it would work with the Jerson Xavier, but at the same time not sure why it wouldn’t.

It states it’s Linux compatible. I’d imagine it would show up as /dev/video0 when plugged into a Jetson. Agree?

This would need other users to provide suggestion for this. You may contact the vendor to know if the device is tested on Jetson platforms.

Certain devices may need to port sensor driver. Here is a relevant topic:
Installing Toshiba HDMI-CSI-2 Driver from L4T

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