Using SerDes with Jetson Xavier AGX

I need to incorporate two types of cameras (2x connected by a long wire + 7x connected near the Xavier). For such lengths, I thnk of using a Serializer-Deserializer (SerDer) to make the camera wires more than 4m long…although not bound to go for this method.

For the camera, we are left with 3 options:

To avoid the cost behind the first 3, I resort to the 4th and unusual choice. I know that CSI cameras are not for such distance connections. But I saw that Thine had solutions for that. I can’t find a way to interface its bare-silicon (or ICs without any interfacing circuit) to the Xavier.

Is there a way to interface such (or any other) SerDes with the Xavier ?


Is there any alternate low-cost solution to get my Cameras wired at such distance > 4m ?

For Xavier, the final port is CSI, the design should be able to transfer all other type of data/IO into CSI type. Not sure about what you mean of IC to Xavier, but if it means to add a IC on board to transfer data into CSI to Xavier, then it seems ok. For Xavier, it only cares about the data into its CSI port.

I don’t see how CSI port can be extended in your answer. The point is, I know there are several ways to extend the CSI cable (FPD), but I ask if someone has tried any, and can assure me if its low-cost

Hope someone has something can be shared. We have no such recommendation on CSI extended design.