Fakra connector board for MIPI CSI-2 (Solved)


while the Jetson AGX Xavier has MIPI CSI-2 ports available to connect cameras, these cameras typically come with a Fakra connector. Where can I get an extension board that has Fakra connectors, and connects to the camera port of the devkit?


Hi Peter,
Our Jetson SerDes Interface card is an option:

Do you also need cameras or would you be interfacing something that you already have?

This is excellent, thank you!
Does it ship with a cable that has the Samtec connectors on it, to connect to the Xavier board?

While we alreay have cameras we used with DrivePX boards, I’ll also check your camera offering.

It will plug directly into the Xavier board. We are working on some modified legs for the Xavier kit that will also hold our board in place. Alternatively, a Samtec cable would also work.

Can you recommend a specific Samtec cable that is known to work with this setup, please?