Hero 3 Camera with HDMI to CSI Adapter Jetson Xavier NX

Hi, I’m trying to connect my Gopro Hero 3 camera with my Jetson Xavier NX. Although I have done a lot of research for this, I could not find an example made directly with the device in my hand. I’ve seen examples often made with Pi devices and HDMI to CSI. Materials I have:

  1. Hero GoPro 3 (with HDMI output)
  2. Jetson Xavier NX
  3. HDMI to CSI converter

When I connected with these, I tried to open it like a CSI camera, but I couldn’t. I need your help with this, thank you in advance.

Link of the example on the Pi device: Computer vision using GoPro and Raspberry Pi - YouTube
I’ve attached a picture of the converter I’m using.

This is not a user-case enabled by default and you would need to modify device tree and enable driver. Please check sensor driver programming guide in developer guide

Other users may have similar experience and can share suggestion.

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