HDMI Input to AGX Xavier Development Kit?

Hey guys,

I hope this is the right place to ask a question.

I want to buy the Jetson AGX Xavier Development Kit and connect a camera via HDMI to do some AI stuff.

How can I input a HDMI video stream? I guess I need a HDMI to CSI-2 bridge?! Which one should I choose? Are they supported by default? Any restrictions? Any other solutions to input HDMI?

I am a newbie as you can see. Really appreciate your help!

Best regards

The Toshiba TC358840 bridge chip may fit your request. However it’s verify on TX1/TX2 only.


Hey my buddy,I do face some problem when I using a VGA display,the issue like this:

  • I connect my VGA display to AGX Xavier by a HDMI2VGA transformer,the screen shows "Input Signal Is Out of Boundary"(The sentence was tranlated from Chinese),then my screen hold black.I restart xavier in order to wake up it but I never success.
  • If I connect Xavier to a HDMI display by a HDMI cable,then I start my Xavier,it works.Then I pull up HDMI and connect xavier to VGA display by a HDMI2VGA transformer,it works too.

I’m suffering this strange problem for a week,how can I use VGA display normal?I need your help.

VGA is not supported. HDMI has a wire which allows query of the monitor’s abilities and specifications, but VGA does not have that wire. The driver depends on this for setup.

What you are seeing is that the driver is configuring based on the HDMI monitor’s query. Plugging in the VGA after this is just inheriting a setting (a case of luck that both monitors support that setting).

About the only way around this is an active VGA-to-HDMI adapter where you’ve programmed EDID data into the adapter which matches the VGA monitor.

Thanks for your reply!You guys are great!