Regarding Drivers for Toshiba TC358840

Technical reference documentation here:

We’re trying to connect a GoPro Hero5 camera to the HDMI input supporting 2160p30 to stream video directly to the TX1 for processing. The port is a simple CSI-2-to-HDMI-in connection, and it is my understanding that NVidia has support for driving this chip at 1080p60.

Is there any development in making this chip work at the aforementioned resolution (2160p30) on the J130 board provided by Auvidea?

EDIT: Or any source code that I could easily adapt for use with this board?


Hi mjones,

Please refer to and see if you can get help from the user.

Thank you, vickyy.

For someone stumbling across this forum post:

The answer is somewhat complicated. Essentially, the device-tree for L4T needs to be rebuilt for the drivers at to work.

The process involves changing their source code to match proper pin mappings, etc., as Auvidea uses a different mapping set for the CSI lanes, and so on.

The short answer is that it doesn’t work, and that they’re working on it.


In case there are still people looking for this:

The drivers to support capturing up to 2160p30 on HDMI on the Auvidea J130 with a TX1 is now available on our Github:

Instructions are available on the Wiki: