Dose tx2 csi support 4K 30fps

We want to use LT9211 chip to convert HDMI 4K to MIPI CSI and connect to TX2 CSI port. Does TX2 CSI support 4K resolution 30fps?

hello liuke,

we also provided HDMI to CSI-2 bridge driver for reference, which support 4K@30-fps.

please access L4T Sources via download center,
you could also check the register table for the streaming resolution and frame-rate configuration.
for example,


static const struct camera_common_frmfmt tc358840_frmfmt[] = {
	{{3840, 2160},	tc358840_30fps, 1, 1, TC358840_MODE_3840X2160},

Hi JerryChang:
Thanks a lot for your help!