4K HDMI Video input for Jetson Nano


I am currently working on a project that would require the Jetson Nano to acquire 4Kp30 (3840 x 2160 at 30 frames per seconds) video from a HDMI connector.

I found this thread but the answers were not conclusive.

What would be the easiest and cheapest way for the Nano to interface with a HDMI 4k input ?

I found this adapter 4K HDMI to M.2 but its type M :

But before we go this way, can the M.2 Type E PCIe x1 support the 4K video bandwith ? I suppose not since its one lane (x1) … What version is the PCIe ? Is it 2.0 or 3.0 ? Could not find this info in the specs.

The other ports we could use are MIPI and USB but require additionnal interface cards but I did not find a cheap solution for 4K.

thanks for your help.


Gabriel L’Heureux ing.

Hi Gabriel,

The pcie capability of Nano is same as TX1, so the maximum speed is Gen2.

Hi Wayne,
thanks for the reply. I have further questions:

So in theory, the Gen 2 PCIe x1 wouldn’t support the bandwith required with HDMI 4K coming from a devide like this :
(PCIe Gen2 x 2)

Also, would a M.2 “2280” fit in your M.2 type E ?



No, I think it should be for M key.

If you also consider using Jetson TX2, here is the product for 2-ch CN311H.