Using PCIe card to M.2 Key E connector for 4K video capture

Is it possible to capture 4K Video @30 FPS with M.2 Key E connector? How can I connect the PCIe card shown in the link below to Nano board to grab 4K video? Currently, 4K video capture using Jetson Nano USB 3.0 is laggy.

Hi Dronzer,
Unfortunately that capture card requires a PCIe X4 or M.2 Key M. The M.2 Key E is only PCIe X2, you may try searching for any M.2 Key E capture cards, or you can try using a M.2 KeyE to mPCI adapter like this one if you can find a 4K mPCI capture card.

here’s a table of the M.2 Keys specs for reference:

ID Notched
pins Provided interfaces
A 8–15 PCIe ×2, USB 2.0, I2C and DP ×4
B 12–19 PCIe ×2, SATA, USB 2.0 and 3.0, audio, UIM, HSIC, SSIC, I2C and SMBus
C 16–23 Reserved for future use
D 20–27
E 24–31 PCIe ×2, USB 2.0, I2C, SDIO, UART and PCM
F 28–35 Future Memory Interface (FMI)
G 39–46 Reserved for custom use (unused in the M.2 specification)
H 43–50 Reserved for future use
J 47–54
K 51–58
L 55–62
M 59–66 PCIe ×4, SATA and SMBUS

Hello Ubernoid,
Thank you for the detailed explanation. Could you confirm if the extender in the following link can be used to connect Nano to the Capture card?


No that one would just extend the M.2 E connector from underneath the Nano module without changing anything, the adapter I posted above extends and converts you to a mPCI interface. A quick search I see there are a few mPCI video capture boards out there mostly HD multichannel, like this or this I have not tested any of these so I have no idea if it would work without issues, but would get you connected together.

AVerMeida has a 4K@30 M.2 capture card.