Avermedia 4K 30FPS HDMI M.2 Capture Card CN311-H compatibility with Jetson TX2

Hi there folks!

I’m interested in getting a hdmi input into my Jetson TX2, first using the TX2 development kit and maybe later using someting like the Auvidea J120 board. My question is: will the Avermedia CN311-H board be compatible with the Jetson TX2 development kit. I know the dev kit has a M.2 key E and PCI-E x4.

Avermedia says this about the CN311-H: “onforming to the most popular standard of M.2 (2280 or 2260), CN311-H is the ideal solution for the education sector and industrial PCs, it features PCIe Gen2 x2 interface with a theoretical bandwidth of 8 Gb/s.”

With respect to software Avermedia has communicated to me that it should be compatible, but with respect to hardware they take no responsibility, so could somebody advice me on this?

Link to Avermedia CN311-H: https://www.avermedia.com/professional/product/cn311_h/overview

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Jeroen Cox

That’s an interesting product. You’d need a PCIex4 to M2 adapter for TX2 development kit.
The web site says “Linux driver coming soon”, can you get driver source code?

@yahoo2016 Do you mean that I should use the M2 interface on the dev kit? Or the PCIE on the dev kit?

The M2 Key E slot on the dev kit may not be compatible with CN311-H.
I and others had good experiences for M2 Key M to PCIe x4 adapters on PCIEx4 slot on the dev kit, e.g., I was able to test WD NVME with M2 Key M to PCIe x4 adapters.

@yahoo2016 So I should connect the CN311-H to a converter that goes from M2 to PCIe x4 on the dev kit? Sorry for all the questions! Just want to be sure before I order it!

This is the adapter I have used: