Jetson Tx2 - Wifi card on M.2 connector with SDIO interface

I have a wifi card connected via M.2 of Jetson TX2, using PCIe.
Can I use the SDIO interface for the same?
In the carrier board specification, I looked that the Jetson TX2 4GB/TX2i is having SDIO interface mapping in M.2 connector. So Jetson TX2 (8GB) is that having or not? Kindly confirm.

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Since the pins via M.2 are connected to PCIe pins of TX2, may not be able to switch to SDIO interface.

For using SDIO, please refer to 10.0 SDIO/SDCARD/EMMC in

Hi DaneLLL,
I have looked at the document for SDIO details. There is a note,
Note: The SDIO Signals highlighted in Cyan are available only on the Jetson TX2 4GB/TX2i module pins (not on Jetson TX2)

That means, SDIO interface in M.2 is ONLY available in Jetson TX2 4GB/TX2i
and not in Jetson TX2.

I have Jetson TX2 board.
So any rework/reconfiguration can be done on Jetson TX2, to get SDIO interface on M.2, in Jetson TX2 case?

Or SDIO in M.2 in Jetson TX2 is not possible at all?

Kindly confirm.


The sdio interface is only available for TX2 4GB and TX2i because these two modules don’t have wifi.

TX2(8GB) has a on-board wifi module so sdmmc3 is already occupied by it. Thus, it is not possible to use SDIO interface on TX2(8GB).

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Thanks Wayne.