Can jetson nano,tx2-nx and xavier supports wifi over SDIO?


We have custom carrier board for jetson nano,tx2-nx and xavier. We want to interface wifi module using SDIO but from the url

we understand that tx2-nx and xavier does not support wifi over SDIO. Is that currect? Please guide us on this.


Suggest to use PCIe based wifi. Most of SDIO wifi requires long time debug and help from vendor. Mostly not possible to do it with just some talk between you and me.


Thank you so much for reply.
Actually my custom board I use 4 lane PCIe for NVME SSD interface.
I have common use case for Nano, TX2-NX and Xavier NX SOMs.
In Xavier NX I had fifth PCIe lane but in Nano and TX2-NX I dont have extra PCIe lane.
Because of this reason I have selected SDIO interface for WIFI communication.

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