Enable WiFi over SDIO on Jetson Nano Production module


I want to enable WiFi over SDIO on mu custom carrier board for Jetson Nano production module using following WiFi module https://www.quectel.com/product/fc20.htm.

I’ve updated the tegra210-p3448-0002-p3449-0000-b00.dts with following lines and flashed the DTB file to the board:

sdhci@700b0200 {  /* SDMMC2 for Wifi */
    status = "okay";

I saw the SDMMC2 for Wifi comment in tegra210-porg-p3448-common.dtsi that is why I enabled this one.

However, there is still no wlan0 interface shown on ifconfig.

I saw following topics, but it didn’t help me as they are either incomplete or it didn’t work:

Is this WiFi module supported, or do you recommend some other regardless of interface. I saw that many modules use SDIO and that is why I opted for this bus.

I’ve used L4T-32.3.1 and JetPack 4.3.

If you need more information please tell.

  1. Please consult with the vendor about what is necessary dts change for their product.

  2. For sdhci controller. Also add something like “only-1-8-v” to it.