Connecting PCIe capture card to Jetson Nano

Can I connect PCIe capture card to M.2 Key-E with PCIe x1 slot for capturing 4K Video? How can I connect the PCI express card shown in the link to the Nano board?

It’s seem that the radiator is a bit thick. maybe no enough space to install it

Is there any extender that could be used for this purpose and can the port handle 4K video capture@30FPS?

Hi Dronzer,

Here’s an extender cable made for M.2 Key E:

It isn’t explicitly stated for that M.2 HDMI capture card which M.2 Key profile it works with. I would contact the manufacturer and ask what is supported.

There isn’t many M.2 Key E adapters available, but here is one that converts to Mini PCIe:

You could in theory use it with a Mini PCIe HDMI capture card like this one:

Does this fit into PCIe key of Jetson Nano and can I connect an external PCIe express capture card to capture 4K video without lag? Currently, Jetson Nano 4K videos lag.

I realize this M2 SSD board is 3.5x’s the price of the nano, but will it work with the nano?

Plextor M6e M.2 2280 256GB PCI-Express 2.0 x2 Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) PX-G256M6eA

Hello Dronzer,

Did you succeed to connect your capteure card to the Nano through the PCI express interface?


No, Nano doesn’t seem to work for PCIe x4.