Hdmi to Mipi driver board 2160*3840 5.5 inch 4k LCD display with Jetson Nano Board


I am working with a Jetson Nano board and I have purchased an HDMI to MIPI driver board 2160*3840 5.5 inch 4k LCD panel see here :


and also this display


I would like to run them on my jetson nano board but when I connect them to the HDMI port of Jetson nano board, they do not show the screen.

I have looked at this page https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/Main_Page and apparently, these boards are mainly for Raspberry Pi board. Is there a way to run them also on Jetson Nano board?
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi darelli,

Actually, jetson only supports CEA mode, so 2160x3840 resolution is not accepted by driver.

However, there is a workaround, please download the kernel source and remove below line in hdmi2.0.c

static bool tegra_hdmi_fb_mode_filter(const struct tegra_dc *dc,
  					struct fb_videomode *mode)
  	struct tegra_hdmi *hdmi = dc->out_data;
  	if (!mode->pixclock)
  		return false;
[b]  	[b]if (mode->xres > 4096 || mode->yres > 2160) 
  		return false;[/b][/b]

Hi @WayneWWW,

Thanks for your reply. I am a little bit confused with this statement : “download the kernel source”
I already have downloaded the SD Image file for Jetson Nano board and flashed the Jetson nanao board and now the Ubuntu 18.04 is running on it.

Can you please point me to the page that I have to download the Kernel source?

Thank in advance for your kind support.

I mean you need to download the linux kernel source, the toolchain and L4T documentation here:

and follow the instructions in L4T doc to build your kernel. Then, replace the “Image” on your device which should be under path /boot/.

Awesome @WayneWWW! It worked for me! Thanks for your great advise.