1440x2560 HDMI display not working

Hello, I am trying to get the Jetson Nano working with a smartphone LCD screen connected to an HDMI driver board. Since the display is designed for smartphones, its resolution is 1440x2560 (taller than it is wide) rather than the common desktop resolution of 2560x1440. However, when I connect it to the jetson’s HDMI port, it is detected as 640x480 and nothing is displayed at all.

I am able to reprogram the HDMI driver board, and when i programmed it to accept 2560x1440, the jetson detected the correct resolution and displayed to it just fine. However, since the LCD panel is not designed for this resolution, the image is jumbled up and unusable.

Because everything is identical in both cases other than the resolution, it seems like the jetson is not accepting the resolution of 1440x2560 for some reason. Is there any way to get the jetson to work with this type of screen?


Hi colec518,

In official support, we only allow the CEA mode. Such mode like 1440x2560 may be filtered out by the hdmi driver.

A workaround here is to comment out below line in “tegra_hdmi_fb_mode_filter” in hdmi2.0.c and rebuild the kernel.

320         if (mode->xres > 4096 || mode->yres > 2160)
 321                 return false;