Jetson Nano 4k 30 fps driver encode and decode

Hi all,
I am trying to run video encode and decode on Jetson Nano but only 1080p is working.

  1. Does Jetson Nano can run 4k 30 fps encode and decode ?
  2. If yes, can you share the Linux driver and dts files ?
  3. If yes can you share the user application short example.
  4. I didn’t find on network any issue about Jetson Nano with 4k 30 fps so I worry that it’s not support it.


Hardware encoder supports 4Kp30. You would need to check if your camera supports the resolution. Which camera do you use?

And not sure which Jetpack release you are using. If it is good, please use latest Jetpack 4.6.3.

I don’t use camera I would like to use HDMI SRC input.
Do you know if jetson nano support HDMI connection 30 FPS ?

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