Jetson Nano carrier card versus Xavier NX, HDMI?`



I am looking at the different carrier card designs… one for the Jetson Nano and one for the Xavier NX. They appear to have different HDMI circuits? Are they different based on the Jetson Nano drive versus the Xavier NX drive or could they both function on either design?


What designs are you looking at? The HDMI design is same on devkit board of nano and NX.

Sorry… I thought I was comparing NVIDIA reference to NVIDIA reference. I actually had a reference schematic from Antmicro’s open source module for the Jetson Nano. It has a little different set of passive components between the NVIDIA SOM and HDMI connector,

I don’t see schematic of it. You’d better to check with Antmicro first, in general, it should follow our design guide well.

Hello, I am attaching the Antmicro schematic. Sheet 2 shows the HDMI circuit.

Jetson-Nano-Baseboard-Schematic.pdf (2.5 MB)

Seems no 499 ohm pull-downs. You should check with Antmicro first.

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Hello, I read on github Antmicro omitted those 499 pulldowns to gain board space and that these pulldowns are there to provide a HDMI VOFF, so they are in always-on mode… I guess similar to Raspberry PI’s HDMI.

Not as that, please read the product design guide for more info of this.