Regarding desgin custermized carrier board which have 2 HDMI output with Jetson NV computer module

THE current dev kit NX carrier board support 1 HDMI + 1 DP , Just want to ask if we want to design a customized carrier board which has 2 HDMI TX output port.

what is HW and SW consideration we need care about? Thanks


For SW side, device tree and pinmux configuration is required.

The device tree source code is in the L4T source on our download center. L4T developer guide also provides the guidance for how to build kernel code.
You would need to remove the dp part and add one more hdmi part as the existing one.

As for pinmux, you can refer to NX adaptation guide.

You may have more questions after you start to debug this in software. Please ask more questions until then.

Thanks for you support , we will file ticket if we still have issue , please cloase this thread, thanks .