Display port Schematic clarification on carrier board

Hi team
We are making one custom carrier board . where we have requirement of display port also.
I want to understand purpose of below circuit

As per my understanding R90 and R99 is required, but rest of section i can’t understand .

Hi, it is for HDMI over DP port. If you are designing a DP port only, you just need to follow the design in product design guide.

Hi Trumany
Thanks for confirmation. Please let me know if i want to support HDMI over DP port . How communication and handshaking will takes place.So that i can understand this circuit completely.

Do i need to make any specific changes in software or HDMI over will be supported by default .

It is currently not supported in SW. DP to HDMI active cable is supported though, as all the electrical changes are done on the active cable side.