Jetson AGX custom carrier board displayport issues


We have recently made a custom carrierboard for the Jetson AGX Xavier, and are currently having issues checking if the carrierboard works as intended. I have removed “nvidia,typec-port = /bits/ 8 <0>;” from the dtsi, as explained in JAGX using Display Port instead of HDMI. This however seems to not be enough.

Hope you can in some way assist

If this is a custom board, please tell us what is the difference between your board and devkit.

Also, sharing a dmesg is kind of common sense to check such issue. From current statement, I think there is no useful information to debug.

If you want to use a pin that was configured as HDMI port on devkit to work as DP on your board, then that setting is not enough. As I said in that thread,

This should bring up 2 DP ports on your board. After that, please modify the rest of nvdisplay controller to similar configuration as those DP ports.

The primary difference is that the dp0 bus is routed directly to a displayport connector, bypassing the USB-C controller. However, as far as I can tell, dp0 is used as displayport on the devkit.

I will attempt to retrieve dmesg later today.

After attempting startup of the module on the custom board, and reading the APP partition afterwards, the system does not appear to have any boot logs. It appears as if the module does not boot properly.

After the boot sequence, we’re able to observe an increase of power draw from 80mA @ 12V to 350mA @ 12V. What should the expected power draw after boot look like?

From hardware perspective, if your custom design can not power up, you should check the power part design carefully and check the power sequence as showed in OEM DG, also there is a checklist sheet in it which should be followed well. Further more, you can compare your design to P2822, the carrier board schematic of devkit, to find out if any risks.