Jetson AGX new carrier doesn't start interfaces


We just built our own carrier for the Jetson Xavier AGX.
We designed a power supply that respects the power up sequence that we found in the document:
Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09840-001_v2.4.pdf p 19

The only interfaces that we connected are 3 UBS ports and the DisplayPort.
The module that we plugged in the carrier was flashed with a recent version of jetpack using another carrier (standard one from NVIDIA)

When we plug in the power, none of the interfaces are responsding. The USB ports are powered but any device that we plugged didn’t respond (ie no traffic on USB to Ethernet adapter).
The DisplayPort seems ok in terms of HotPlug signal but no traffic is generated (screen goes directly to power save when we plug it)

The module definitely goes through power or boot cycles, when the reset button is pressed the carrier draws about 150 mA, when released it goes to 200, then to 400 after after a second.
Then after about 10 seconds the current varies a lot in a sequence that lasts a few seconds like: 400 → 600 → 800 → 400 → 1300 → 1500 → 600 → 200… Then it stay at 200 until the next reset. The sequence seems to be almost always the same.
(the sequence is the same when we plug the carrier to the power supply without using the reset button)

We have not more visibilty on our system at the moment since the interfaces do not respond.
Does anyone have any tips or recommendation on what we could try to fix it?
Can anyone draw any conclusions on the state in which the module is going when considering the current sequence?

Any other hints appreciated.

Have you checked NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up | NVIDIA Docs to follow the instruction to bring up your board?

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A common way is dump the console log from uart… otherwise you are just blindly debugging and cannot see any info.

Below is the method for devkit AGX to dump uart log.

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