Jetson Xavier AGX module production module setup

We’ve got a custom board that interfaces to an Xavier AGX module and we built a debug board with uarts, SD card, and 2 usb ports for connections. There are additional mipi lanes and gig-e connection that go to another processor that isn’t in place yet.

There is no display output for the Xaview AGX - it’s a standalone compute modules in the system.

What’s the best method to get this setup for development? Can I use the usb-a connections on the AGX and connect to a laptop with sdkmanager for programming? I have the uart consoles, but how will it handle the missing output to the display?

Should I try to get it to boot off an SD card? Is there a headless image for this?


Is there a micro-OTG port? Normal flash to a unit with eMMC uses recovery mode, and recovery mode uses the micro-OTG port (with a micro-B USB cable attached) during flash. If this isn’t available, then you could flash the module on a different carrier board, followed by moving to the carrier board you want to actually use.

Looks like we miswired our dev board - we have only uart1 and uart 2 available and the console is on uart3? Can you suggest changes needed to remap linux console to uart1.

I won’t be able to provide details, but if physical wiring is present, then it is a case of changing the device tree (basically the PINMUX spreadsheet for custom builds). Serial console and recovery mode require extra wiring to be able to become a device port (versus being a host port).

The micro-OTG PHY is somewhat unique since it has a “detect” pin and can accept either a type-A or type-B cable, followed by using the detect pin to know which is connected. Any of the purely type-A ports are incapable of being wired for device mode, and I know nothing about your carrier board. I have not worked on custom carrier boards, so I probably won’t be able to help much with that either.

For someone from NVIDIA to be able to answer they would need to know about any USB wiring which differs from the reference carrier board design. You might consider attaching a schematic of your actual USB port wiring (and any device tree change you’ve performed to adapt to this wiring).

Thanks. Make sense. Hardware guys are going to take the lead on this if we want a recovery mode.

Also, I did notice that a login process was automatically started on uart1 on the dev kit, so if we put that module on our board, we should be able to get into the board.