Displayport issues on custom board


We’re trying to bring up displayport on a custom carrier board without the USB-C controller. We have removed the typec-port from the device-tree, and have verified that it is removed from the dtb.

When connecting to a monitor the monitor registers a connection, and displays a selected resolution as expected. Observing the AUX-pins shows that there is some communication, however there is no image on screen.

kern_log_nodp.log (109.6 KB)
There is also a kernellog, where there does not seem to be any plug in-event, and the extcon AUX2 (HDMI) lines keep repeating enable/disable indefinatly.

We have routed DP0 to the connector according to the design guide.

Hope you are able to help fix this issue

Share your schematic and full dts file please.

Hi again

After setting head0 to disabled, the displayport comes alive. We’re not using the HDMI port on the carrier board, therefore this is not an issue.

Thanks for the fast response

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