Jetson AGX Xavier: DP port is not working

DP port is not working at all.

I have attached console log output.

Dmesg.txt (78.8 KB)

Kernel version - 5.10
Jetpack SDK - 35.5

Don’t know what you are doing. At least share more info about what you are using here.

Looks like even device tree got your modification and it is a wrong configuration too.

Let me clarify a bit: we’re designing a custom carrier card for Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier which worked just fine with v32.6 SDK but after porting the appropriate configurations the DisplayPort doesn’t work - it’s always blank.

I’ve attached dts and xorg files. WIth old SDK DisplayPort worked.

new_Xorg.0.log (13.3 KB)
new.dts.txt (480.9 KB)

old_Xorg.0.log (11.6 KB)
old.dts.txt (294.4 KB)

So which hardware configuration is in use? Which one for DP?

Device tree needs to match with hardware. I don’t know you or your board. I won’t be able to know whether the device tree is correct w/o knowing the hardware in use here.

Also, what change did you make on rel-35 to enable the DP?

Which one for DP?
sor2 is for DP port.

DTS has been generated from reference board. To enable DP on rel-35 in dts I have enabled DP-DISPLAY and disabled HDMI-DISPLAY no other changes. Even i tried to enable hdmi but it didn’t work.

Also I’m using reference board pinmux configuration as well. With v32.6 SDK it worked fin. With old SDK I could see that monitor is working but with new one it not reacting at all before loading kernel for example. Should I check pinumx configuration before checking DTS or other component?


I don’t know what you are talking about at all.

The reference board SOR2 is HDMI. If you want to enable DP on SOR2 on your board, then pinmux must be correct first because HDMI is using GPIO for hotplug detection. DP needs to use SFIO.

Also, you should share us the code you have modified but not just some description.

From the log, sor2 directly got parsing error. Looks like device tree has mistake.

[ 6.288027] tegradc 15200000.display: err:-19 parsing panel_ops

Please remember that you should never use any dts file directly from rel-32 to rel-35.

Thank you for the response. I corrected pinmux and dts and it works fine.

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