JAGX using Display Port instead of HDMI

Hello, I have flashed the default JP4.4. Developer Preview using the developer kit.

I have a custom carrier board with x3 Display Port routed to each video interface on Xavier. I have the DP++ circuitry connected to HDMI_DP0, HDMI_DP1, HDMI_DP2 respectively. But I am unable to see any display.

Is there an easy way to do this, what do I have to change? I feel like the USB-C type implementation on the developerkit which I’m flashing the board with may be the reason why its not working for me.


If you don’t have the cypress PD controller on your board, please remove the “nvidia,typec-port = /bits/ 8 <0>;” properties in tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi.

This should bring up 2 DP ports on your board. After that, please modify the rest of nvdisplay controller to similar configuration as those DP ports.

BTW, tegra platforms don’t support DP++.

Thanks Wayne,

Do you mind adding a bit more detail? The dtsi is related to the dtb and needs to be generated somehow. Then, I know I will need to reflash my board using ./flash.sh -d dtb-file

I want to follow as much as possible ‘off-the-shelf’ flashing procedure and BSP for my custom carrier board where I simply routed all the interfaces to connectors with relevant circuitry described in the OEM design guide. I created my own .dtsi file with the Jetson_AGX_Series_DevKit_Pinmux_Configuration_Template.xlsm but most of it was the same.

I want to take out the custom stuff done on the developer kit related to USB-C power delivery and display because I want access to all three displays.


Please download the kernel source from dlc and build the dtb by following the instructions in l4t developer guide.

That dtsi from pinmux spreadsheet cannot be used directly and it is not totally same as what you are going to download from dlc.

Please read the readme file under Linux_for_Tegra/kernel/pinmux to understand how to use those pinmux dtsi file.