Custom Carrier Board design Power and USB Circuit

Hello, we are facing some problems while trying to make a custom carrier board for AGX Xavier only with usb connectors, CSI/MIPI, hdmi, GPIO (40 pin) uarts, and ethernet interfaces. we do not require PCI and M2 slots.
the actual P2822 schematic has a complex circuit where the power can be supplied from USB or DC Jack, a complex USB PD controller and power on circuitry.
we are trying to use simpler option provided in Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide.
The guide suggects to use SRC0GS22D for Button Power on circuitry and SN74LVC1G74 for auto power on/ACOK circuit. the problem is that the reference schematic of P2822 also has these ICs (NO STUFF) as U520 and U521, but the circuit in schematic is different from the circuit provided in Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide.
Kindly let me know which circuit to be used.
I am also confused about the USB PD controller which i do not want to use, can you please guide me what parts of the P2822 schematics can be removed in order to design a simple carrier board without USB PD controller and with all the simple power circuits.
or is there any sample PCB project available to take as a reference.

Hi, for custom design please refer to the product design guide. There are simplified DC power connections and button power on circuitry for your reference in it. The key point is to let the design meet the power sequencing as listed in guide.

Hello trumany, thank you for your response, i was able to find a solution from the guide, However I have a query regarding jetson os on custom board. Kindly let me know if i remove some interfaces from the original agx carrier board (and not add any extra interfave) and use the exact same io pins for interfaces, will the jetson os image provided by Nvidia for agx xavier work with our custom board?

If no change on the used interface, the original sw should work.

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Thank you.

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