Jetson AGX Xavier Auto Power On issue

Regarding Auto Power-On functional, should follow Design_Guide or Carrier_Board_Design_Files_B03 (P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics page6)?

  1. Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09840-001_v2.6
    Figure 5-6, 5-7 — If no MCU, need to keep these two parts for Auto power-on functional? Need to connect ACOK_L? Is ACOK_L directly add a pull low resistor to GND?

    Figure 5-8 — If keep this MCU and directly push-pull ACOK to 3V3_AO, it can auto power-on. Does it meet the power requirements?
  2. Jetson_Xavier_Developer_Kit_Carrier_Board_Design_Files_B03 (P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics)
    Page6 — For Auto Power-On circuit, seems have different between Design Guide and Carrier_Board schematic. If following the Carrier_Board schematic, Can you let me know what materials are needed for installation?
  3. Can you please help to review my schematic?

Hi, we don’t provide schematic review support as we have provided the Design Guide and reference design. Customer should be able to make custom design based on that.

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