Auto power on implementation in XAVIER AGX

I am designing a carrier board for XAVIER AGX SOM. In the reference schematics it had a push button controller for power on switch and D flip flop.
But in my case auto power on function is required and the power on via switch is not required. So should I implement both the push button controller and D flip flop or
D flip-flop alone is enough?


Please follow OEM product design guide as below: Auto Power-On Option No MCU
For designs that will not have a power button but should power on when the main power supply is connected, the optional ACOK circuit shown in Figure 5-7 should be implemented and the ACOK_L signal pulled to GND.

Thanks for the information.

I have referred the section which you have mentioned above in the Design guide (Rev 2.2). In the section there is a circuit in figure 5.7 regarding auto power on using a D flip-flop (SN74LVC1G74). From this circuit the signal “Optional ACOK circuit Output” is connected to the button controller (SRC0GS22D) in figure 5.6.
In my case should for auto power on implementation as referenced in OEM design guide I should implement button controller (SRC0GS22D) and the D flip-flop (SN74LVC1G74) right? or correct me if I am wrong.

And another thing is that the implementation in reference schematics “P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics.pdf” differs from the implementation on the OEM Design guide. So could you provide me information regarding this implementation?

As said, the figure 5-7 should be followed if no power button.