POWE ON design

On the design guidline as OEM Product Design Guide page 18 ,there are ACOK_L and ACOK_AP_L connect to the F61 of the moudel ,and said ACOK_L pull GND is auto power on ;but in the design SCH P2822 ,no the signal of ACOK_L and ACOK_AP_L,also no connect to F61;so if we design auto power on (no mcu),which design we refer to?

Hi, P2822 does not implement such design, please follow OEM DG, it is full design for no-MCU.

On the design of OEM design ,some parts no partnumber so what is it?and is there a design as schematic design to reference?

and if how can connect the ACOK_L


There is other same components which P/N is showed in this page, please follow that. AC_OK_L is for auto power on and can be used as you wish.



do you know SN74LVC1G74 pin map??
I found another pin name…(CLR & PRE)
check plz