What is the purpose of VCOMP_ALERT_N (Pin F61)

I am currently implementing the “Simplified Button Power-on Circuitry” found in the AGX XAVIER OEAM Product Design guide - figure 11 - on a custom board. There is a signal called ACOK_AP_L that is being fed into VCOMP_ALERT_N(Pin F61). There is no description of the functionality for Pin F61 in the product design guide, all that is listed is TBD. Is it necessary to hook this pin up for the simple power on circuitry?

Hi, yes, please follow DG to connect it to pin F61.

Ok I will hook it up. Is it possible to describe this pin VCOMP_ALERT_N(F61) in greater detail?

It is part of auto-power-on/AC plug-in detection design.