Auto Power-On Option No MCU


I’m designing a custom carrierboard for Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial.

I have doubts on the implementation of the Power-ON No MCU + Auto Power-On Option No MCU.

  1. The schematic of P2822-B03 Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board is completely different from the circuitry in the OEM PDG 09840-001_v2.5 at figures 5-6 and 5-7.

  2. On figure 5-6 : I do not understand what is the reason why we use the CARRIER_PWR_ON signal to control the PSHOLD pin of the SRC0GS22D meanwhile VDDIN_PWR_BAD_N is also used. What happens when One output is high and the other is low ?

  3. Is it necessary to use the signal POWER_BTN_N from INT* pin to Module pin L61 ?

Sorry for the late response, I will forward this issue to internal team to have the sugestions. Thanks