CARRIER_POWER_ ON on Jetson AGX Xavier board is not working

We have disable the MCU in Jetson AGX Xavier board and generating power sequence from external source. We are generating MODULE_POWER_ON, POWER_BTN_N and VIN_PWR_ON. The CARRIER_POWER_ ON signal is not properly asserting. It should be 3.3V but the signal is 1.7v when power seq is given. The SOM is not getting up.
Anyone have some idea or experience please give some comment

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved? Thanks

Have you capture your custom power on sequence and compare to that of devkit with MCU enabled? Also you can compare to that listed in the Design Guide to make sure the power on sequence is correct. Further more, it is not validated to run like this on devkit, you should be careful to “disable the MCU”.

Thanks for the reply,
Issue is resolved. The issue was related to UART lines as UART lines should be high impedance on startup.

This link helped us

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