Auto-Power-On(No MCU) Sequencing and Circuitry(DG Fig7&11)


We design Xavier Carrier board Circuit, studied the Xavier design guide, and have some quentions:
1, Fig 7 shows SYS_RESET_N becomes high after CARRIER_POWER_ON high, but it didn’t show in Fig 11 ?
2, In Fig 11, POWER_BTN_N is suspended or connect to GND, because of the diode before it, it’s right?
3, Should BUTTON_POWER_ON* in Fig 11 be pulled to GND, 5V_AO and 5V_AO_PGD connected to VDD_5V ?

Does anyone use Fig 11 circuit and board auto-power-on successfully?


Does the Sequence for input of Xavier(SYS_VIH_HV/MV, MODULE_POWER_ON, SYS_RESET_N) in Fig7 is right ? what"s the time interval unit?
or the Circuit of Fig11 is right, 5V_AO and 5V_AO_PGD connected to VDD_5V ?
or Fig7 & Fig11 are all right ?


Hi, in power on sequence, SYS_RESET_N output from module to carrier board, it will be high after carrier_power_on and has nothing to do with figure 11 circuit. POWER_BTN_N will be shorted to ground if power button pressed. BUTTON_POWER_ON* is connected to power button and will be shorted ground if button pressed and so trigger POWER_BTN_N to ground too. For 5V_AO and 5V_AO_PGD please check the schematic of carrier board in DLC. The time interval is not so strict, that’s why not list.