Know about power sequence maintained in Jetson Xavier AGX carrier board

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As mentioned in Design Guide power up sequence is maintained like

But in the schematic of AGX_carrier board mentioned like
** First Carrier_power_on will asserted after the power_button_presss will be high
VDD_3V3 is generated from buck regulator ,but regulator enable pin controlled by carrier_power_on
Once carrier_power_on will enable the regulator then only powe_button_press will be high.

Requesting you to clarify the logic maintained in power up sequence of Jetson AGX Carrier board.
also here by i attached the schematic and design guide for your refrence.
Jetson_AGX_Xavier_Series_OEM_Product_Design_Guide_DG-09840-001_v2.5 (1).pdf (4.3 MB)

P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics.pdf (1.5 MB)

Pooja Ak

Please any one help us in this

Pooja Ak

Please refer to Power-OFF to On Sequence Power Button Case figure in Design Guide. And also there is another pull-up on POWER_BTN_ON on module.

Dear Trumany,

I gone through the design guide

You can see the above shared image when power_BTN_N will be in high condition time carrier power_on is low as mentioned in design guide

But in the schematic 1st enable Carrier _power_on will be asserted after that power_BTN_N will be high

Still i can’t understand

******Please observe the below image VDD_3V3 is out of regulator ,but regulator controlled by carrier power on .
*****3V3_A0 is direct output of GS7116S5-ADJ-R IC

If in case

the above shared condition,
my doubt will be clear and both design guide and schematic will match
please help me to understand the sequence

Pooja Ak

As said, on module, there is another pull-up on POWER_BTN_ON. During power on, POWER_BTN_ON will be high first due to the pull-up on module (separated from 3.3V pull-up on carrier by a diode).

Dear Trumany,

Thank you for your prompt reply !

i couldn’t able find any pullup resistor in POWER_BTN_ON module

If iam wrong please correct me ,

In any case, how will the below sequence be matched if the pull up present on the module?
If the module’s power is low, how it will turn on the internal regulator and PMIC supply. Then how will the pull up be effective?

We suspect the(R949) will be powered by 3V3_AO NET

I’m closing this topic due to there is no update from you for a period, assuming this issue was resolved.
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Sorry for the late response, have all concerns been clarified and removed?