AGX Xavier custom carrier board problems

We have designed a custom carrier board. Now there are 2 problems.
1: I use this carrier board to flash AGX Xavier, but it pauses and cannot continue. Here is the printed information,see the picture.

2: Then, I replace another AGX Xavier that has been flashed . After I press the power button, the power on sequence meets the requirements, see the pictures. But the system did not start.
In addition to the power on sequence, are there any other factors that will affect the startup ?

The Oscilloscope has 4 channels, so I upload 3pictures to show the whole power on sequence.
channel 1: BUTTON_POWER_ON*
channel 2: POWER_BTN_N
channel 3: VIN_PWR_ON
channel 4: SYS_VIN_HV (12V)

Split line------------------------
channel 1: SYS_VIN_HV (12V)
channel 2: SYS_VIN_MV
channel 3: VDDIN_PWR_BAD_N
channel 4: MODULE_POWER_ON

Split line------------------------
channel 1: MODULE_POWER_ON
channel 3: RESET_N

Split line------------------------
Figire 5-9 in Jetson AGX Xavier Series OEM Product

Which jetpack release is in use here?


Is your timing of BUTTON_POWER_ON and POWER_BTN_N correct as figure 5-9?

Besides the power on sequence, the important point is to let all carrier power rails ON after module. Have you checked that?

I have checked carrier power rails.
channel 1: MODULE_POWER_ON
channel 3: VDD_3V3
channel 4: VDD_1V8

It seems OK.
About BUTTON_POWER_ON* and POWER_BTN_N , I copy the “P2822_B03_OrCAD_schematics”, use the same MCU.
And figure 5-8 is the same.

BUTTON_POWER_ON is pulled up to 3V3_AO(always on) , so once I insert the DC jack, BUTTON_POWER_ON is drived high.
POWER_BTN_N is pulled up to VDD_3V3, so after I insert the DC jack,there is no voltage,until the MCU drive it or after CARRIER_POWER_ON assert.

So,these pictures can prove that theMCU is working and the AGX Xavier module also asserts CARRIER_POWER_ON.

Are VDD_3V3 and VDD_1V8 the all power rails of carrier? Is there other power rail? If no other rail, and all power rails are ON correctly after module, then you can compare your design to reference to see how many different points between them and try to find out if it is the root cause. From HW side, it is hard to tell what cause that, maybe you can start from the check list sheet attached in Design Guide. That sheet lists many important items which need to be carefully handled.

There is 1.0V power left ,I also have checked.
I will see the check list again.

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