Jetson AGX cannot power up

Hi,I’ve designed a board that can’t boot on my board.The power sequence of my board is as follows:

Now the question is:
1:VDDIN_ PWR_ BAD_ N this signal I pull up at 40ms, but in module_ POWER_ After the on gives the high level, the phenomenon of periodically pulling down 5ms pulse appears.
2:SYS_ RESET_ N I pull up at 170ms, because after the MOSFET level conversion in the middle, the signal is pulled down by the AGX Core board, which is always low level. As shown in the dotted line.

I need your help to sure what’s the problemthis sequence.
And What should I do to make sure it’s power on.

You should follow OEM DG and reference schematic to make power part design. The power sequence seems wrong. There should be no such pulse on vin_pwr_bad, and carrier rails should be ON after sys_reset_n. Please compare your design to reference, and also there are checklist sheet attached in OEM DG which should be helpful to you.