AGX Auto-Power-On not working

I have purchased a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit to be used inside closed application and therefore, I need to have auto-power-on enabled. I have followed the documentation for auto-power-on according to section 3.5 that is shown below:

I have connected pins 5&6 and checked the continuity between these pins to confirm that they are connected. However, when trying to power the AGX, the power LED displays for couple seconds then turns off. I can repeat this continuously and the only way to power on the device is by hitting the power button. I am confused on why this is happening and wondering what steps I should take to determine what is going on with this?

hello jeffvuzr9,

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with, auto-power-on should be default enabled,

Version: 4.3-b134

I have completely re-flashed the device with the most recent jetpack release of 4.6 and the issue still occurs. I have played around with it and found that every once in a while, it will work correctly but majority of the time, it will not.

hello jeffvuzr9,

could you please share the video clips to demonstrate the failure.
we’ve check this locally, by using a jumper on J508 pins 5-6 and connect power jack, system can auto-power-on successfully.

Here is a video of the LED when plugging the device in. As stated, the LED turns on then after couple seconds (duration does differ each attempt), the device turns off. In order to keep the device on, I have to hit the power button and or re-attempt several times until it actually stays on.

Here is a photo of the jumper

please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team for the RMA process.

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